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Peter Biver

Professional Skating Coach​

Specialized Training for Skaters

Peter Biver is a U.S. National & International (Poland) coach. He is a former U.S. National competitor, three-time Sectional competitor and two-time Regional Medalist in pairs. Peter is also a six-time U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) Gold Medalist in Moves, Freestyle, Pairs, Compulsory Dance, Partnered Free Dance & Solo Free Dance. He offers professional skating instruction in these disciplines to determined skaters of all ages and abilities. He is the coach of multiple USFS Gold Medalists in Moves, Freestyle, Pairs and Dance as well as Regional, Sectional, National and International Competitors. Peter follows a holistic approach to coaching by focusing on the complete development of each skater's personal potential as an athlete and artist.

Peter was trained by several Olympians, including Elena Valova, the 1984 Olympic Champion in pairs. Peter was also coached by Olympians Karen Courtland-Kelly, U.S. National medalist, and Andrew Naylor, British pairs champion. Peter believes in the power of education and continues to hone skating technique by attending national and international coaching clinics and seminars in order to bring out the most in each of his students. He has successfully coached and partnered hundreds of USFS tests in moves, freestyle, pairs and ice dancing at all levels. Peter also specializes in the Fishing Pole Harness.